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MODIS data

The EOMF Data Center hosts several hundreds of terabytes of MODIS data and products for the globe over the period of 2/2000 to present. Here you can visualize and download those MODIS data in several ways. Our web service is complementary to the web service provided by the USGS EDC (, where you can download large volume of MODIS data by tile and year.

Wild bird data

Satellite telemetry of wild birds provides useful information on local movement and seasonal migration of migratory wild birds. Here you can visualize wild bird movement data from satellite telemetry.

Avian influenza data

Transmission and spillover of avian influenza, specifically highly pathogenic avian influenza (e.g., influenza A subtype H5N1, H7N9) is a major concern of public health. Here you can visualize spatial patterns and temporal dynamics of HPAI H5N1outbreaks in the world.

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