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On-demand Modeling System

1. Retrieve biochemical and biophysical parameters at leaf- and canopy levels
The coupled PROSPECT-SAIL2 (PROSAIL2) radiative transfer model (Zhang et al., 2005, 2006) and daily MODIS image data (500-m spatial resolution) are used to simultaneously retrieve both leaf-level parameters (e.g., chlorophyll, water, leaf specific weight) and canopy-level parameters (e.g., leaf area index) for individual sites, respectively.
It consists of four steps:
  1. a user provides latitude and longitude information for a site
  2. a computer server implements the web-based procedure to order daily MODIS data from the USGS EDC
  3. a computer server runs inversion of the PROSAIL2 model to retrieve biochemical and biophysical parameters for the site
  4. the user is informed after the inversion of the PROSAIL2 model is competed, and the inversion results are then delivered to the user
Users are encouraged to provide quantitative assessment on the inversion results, which are likely to help us to further improvement of the PROSAIL2 model and simulations
Because the inversion of the PROSAIL2 model requires intensive computation and large disk space, a user needs to contact the research group for approval. In addition to inversion of the PROSAIL2 model for individual sites, a simulation over 10-km by 10-km area can be arranged, if sufficient ground data and hyperspectral or hyper-spatial image data are available for evaluation.
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