at the University of Oklahoma

Geospatial Information Science Day


Geospatial technologies (remote sensing, global positioning systems, geographic information systems) have been evolving rapidly over the past few decades and play an increasing role in our society and daily life; some good examples are Google Earth, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. The objective of the annual GIS Day Expo at the University of Oklahoma (OU) is to celebrate and showcase a broad spectrum of research, education, and outreach activities related to geospatial science, technology and applications. The effort will help attract and retain both undergraduate and graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and prepare them for future employment in the geospatial sector.

This GIS-Day event will serve as a platform for

  1. Informal education and awareness of geospatial technologies and their applications 1. among OU students, faculty, researchers and K-12 students
  2. The exchange and presentation of ideas and research between students and faculty.
  3. Linking to the larger GIS community Including government agencies and private industry

Come and join the global community observing International GIS Day, which was first celebrated in 1999 and has been held by more than 10,000 organizations in 80 countries across the world (

You are invited to participate in the GIS Day 2013 at the University of Oklahoma, November 20, 2013  

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